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What is a Family Film?

A family film is the ultimate way to capture your life together as a family as it is right now. Think about how many video clips you have on your phone that you haven’t done anything with. When you book a family film with me, you are making sure that your memories aren’t lost forever in an old phone that you can’t turn on anymore. Or deep in the cloud with the hundreds of thousands of photos, videos, and screenshots you captured over the years. Your film becomes the thing that you treasure the most. That you rewatch over and over together as a family. Preserving not just your children’s expressions and laughter, but your interactions and connections with them as a parent as well. It’s the most precious gift you’ll ever give to them.

I work with families who want to slow down and capture life as it is now. Because in the blink of an eye, “someday” becomes a year from now. And through the hurriedness of your daily routine, tiny but meaningful things are happening within your little crew. Things you don’t know you’re missing. Things you’ll always want to remember.

I’ll show you

the moments

that you didn’t even know you needed to see.

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