What Life Looks Like for My Family and I Right Now

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

The Corona Virus has certainly changed every person's life for the time being. I decided to document what that looks like for me and my family.

I will start with March 16th-the first day of no school. Schools at this point were to be closed for two weeks. My girls started with writing assignments daily. They enjoy school so it was not difficult getting them interested.

Before "social distancing" became a thing, I went to Walmart for a few groceries. I took my oldest with me. She was shocked to see the shelves so bare.

No paper towels...

We got lucky...they were restocking the toilet paper.

We picked up the last Dawn dish soap.

Not our cart...but someone was stocking up!

Hardly any laundry detergent.

March 20th- 87 degrees! It was a beautiful day. We decided we wanted to go exploring, but had to be careful not to go anywhere crowded, as the "social distancing" was now being recommended.

Roads signs on our way to Bowers Beach.

This guy was pretty cool...and HUGE! We didn't get too close (I used my zoom lens) because I wasn't sure if he was a snapper!

More school work...