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1 hour session in studio or other location


Online gallery to view, download and purchase prints


Full resolution digital download of 15 retouched images in color and black and white


Option to purchase additional digital images


Photo printing release

When should you book your sitter session? 

A sitter session is scheduled when your baby can sit and crawl, but doesn’t yet walk. Every baby develops differently, so a sitter session is usually scheduled when a baby is around 6-9 months old. I truly love baby sitter sessions! Babies are very interactive at this age and are full of genuine expressions. They smile easily, they giggle and make these adorable faces. Am I the only one who loves the chubbiness and the roundness of a 6-month-old baby? 


Sitter sessions are short sessions. 

They are usually mini sessions that last up to 45 minutes. A 6-month old baby has a very short attention span. Therefore, a sitter session needs to go quickly. It usually involves 2-3 setups with few different accessories for each setup. Your baby is photographed from different angles making sure that all of their tiny details are captured.


How to prepare for a baby sitter session?

 Make sure that your baby is well rested and fed. I always ask my clients to feed their babies right before they arrive to my studio and to make sure that their sleep cycle doesn’t interfere with my session. Ideally, I want a baby to nap in the car on his way to my studio. This way I get a well rested and happy little model!


What to bring for a sitter session?

 Make sure that you bring milk for your baby. A baby might be thirsty or stressed out in a new environment. So, offering them a bottle or breastfeeding them would comfort and calm them down. I have a lot of accessories for a sitter session (knitted hats, shorts, pants, and onesies), so you don’t need to bring anything in terms of clothing for this session, although you are welcome to. All of my props are custom made for my sessions, so I can assure you that your baby will be dressed in a very cute way for their sitter session. 


***Sessions are not fully booked and dates are not held until a contract is signed and a deposit is paid.  

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